We’re cultivating opportunities in STEM for our children.


STEM Greenhouse was created to build relationships with students in and around Grand Rapids. Not only do we help plant the seeds for curiosity and comprehension, but we continue to grow these relationships throughout the student’s education so that they can thrive. We’ll provide the academic support, positive role models, and experiences that are so necessary to our children’s preparedness and and self-confidence.


What is STEM? Simply, it's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And it’s an important curriculum policy that focuses on U.S. competitiveness and future economic prosperity.



STEM Greenhouse was formed by Dr. Keli Christopher in 2014 to address the lack of diversity within STEM professions. As a girl in an inner-city school—who lacked confidence in math—she never imagined that she would become the first black person to get a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Illinois and the third black woman in the world to hold a Ph.D. in that field.

After working as an engineer and educator, Dr. Christopher started a science and math education business focused on fun, hands-on science and math experiences for K–12 students. Working with students throughout the greater Grand Rapids area gave her further insight to the inequality in STEM education among various districts, races, genders, and socioeconomic classes.